Spring arrived, potatoes planted!

Posted on May 27, 2013

water-filled canals, AprilSome glorious Bank Holiday weather  finally enabled me to  dig over  my allotment plot properly. Normally something that would be done in the Autumn or at the latest in February/March. However as the photo taken in mid-April shows, the moment the weather was good enough to do anything, it was time to  dig trenches all the way round the plot  and create a flood-control system that worked. Ten months of continuous flooding to tackle. That was April gone, and boy was it hard work!

Finally….. the ground is just about dry enough to dig without hearing that strange sucking sound you get when  putting a spade into waterlogged soil. Mind you it still required frequent scraping-off of mud with a trowel. So the pink fir apple potatoes went in on Monday. I was delighted to see  that the planting guide notes said ‘plant March – May’.  So that’s alright then.  Four days to spare!

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