Divinity Road Photo Project

My aim with this project is to photograph everybody who lives on Divinity Road, Oxford, over about a two year period. I started in July 2018. This may be as individuals, couples, families or groups of people living in the same house such as students. Divinity Road is a long street and a diverse one. As a resident for over 31 years I still only know a relatively small proportion of the people who live on it. As well as making a photographic record this helps me to get to know more of my neighbours.

Pictures are taken in people's homes, in front of them, in their gardens, at work, on their allotment, or somewhere else nearby that has meaning for them.

Click on any photo below to see the pictures in that sitting in full. You are welcome to leave a public comment on any photo. You can also send me feedback on the project as a whole, or in person if you don't want your comment to be public. I look forward to hearing from you and I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Here are the photos from the first part of the project.  What you see below are like book 'front covers'. Click on any one of them to view the photos themselves. I will post new images of sitters about every 3-4 months from now on until it's complete.