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Martin Stott


My main photographic project  is working with  Prof Florence Boos of the University of Iowa on an on-line edition of William Morris’s Icelandic Journals. She has asked me to illustrate the online edition with photographs I took on a visit to Faroe and Iceland in 2013. The photos are going up gradually, starting with Morris’s 1871 Journal. You can view them here.

The Bhopal Medical Appeal recently published an archive of  73 of my photos from the time I was working there in 1986. They are published for the first time and are part of the commemoration of the disaster at Bhopal 30 years ago in December 1984. I am very pleased to have been able to contribute to the BMA campaign in this way. They remain a very moving portrayal of an issue that still hasn’t gone away.

My most recent exhibition was entitled Gardens of Liberation.  It featured 13 photograph of mine from the USA, Cuba and the UK on growing in cities. It  was hosted at the AYYO gallery in north Oxfordshire and ran during June 2013.