I am a socially engaged documentary photographer. I am  currently working on a number of  ‘reportage’ photographic projects both contemporary and historical. My main project is the Divinity Road Photo Project. This is running to mid-2021. I am currently working on two other contrasting projects, a documentation of the COVID19 outbreak and its impact, and a more conceptual place-based meditation on the Bartlemas hamlet, including allotments, abandoned nursery and  ancient leper hospital and surrounds. I am also revisiting my archive of b/w photos from the 1980’s. There are currently three collections up here on allotments and the co-operative movement.

Beyond my own projects I am also  working with the organization Cowley which describes its purpose as recording ‘the hidden history of Oxford’s favourite street’, and which draws on the photographic archive I have built up over 35 years  living and working on Cowley Road, particularly work I did while researching the Cowley Road Cookbook in 2014-15.

Twenty years ago (1999-2000) I documented the construction of the Oxford Central Mosque on Manzil Way. The Central Mosque Committee have reproduced 23 of the photos on their website as a unique historical record.

I have also been working with the National Co-operative Archive based in Manchester who are running a project on the worker co-op movement that flourished in the UK in the 1970’sand 80’s. I was heavily involved at the time. I have contributed over 120 photographs from that period to the archive which are now in ten collections on Flickr. Some of them are up in my worker co-ops gallery.

The Bhopal Medical Appeal has published an archive of 73 of my photos (one above)  from the time I was working there in 1986. They are published for the first time and are part of the commemoration of the disaster at Bhopal in December 1984. I am very pleased to have been able to contribute to the BMA campaign in this way. They remain a very moving portrayal of an issue that still hasn’t gone away.

I have worked with Prof Florence Boos of the University of Iowa to add  around 70 photographs I took in Faroe and Iceland in 2013 to the on-line edition of William Morris’s Icelandic Journals.  You can view them here. These were augmented by a further trip to Iceland in 2017.

I am a member of the Royal Photographic Society and the Oxford Photographer’s Group.

I retain the copyright on all my photographs, both on this site and elsewhere.