That lady’s got no arms!

Posted on May 19, 2013

I opened my garden to the public today as part of DRARA’s ‘open gardens’ programme in aid of creating a ‘dementia friendly neighbourhood’. Over 50 visitors between 2-6pm in glorious weather. Shame the garden didn’t look more colourful.  Wisteria, clematis montana, ceanothus and camellia were out, plus some apple blossom, but basically that was it. The garden looked pretty – i put quite a bit of work into grass cutting, edging and generally making sure pots etc were filled and the hens were on best behaviour. Several very young visitors were enchanted by them – feeding them melon seeds and cooked rice was a big deal.  Romantic Moderns author Alexandra Harris  was one of the first visitors and admired the  compost and the statuary. Mavis and Colin brought honey – and went away with eggs.  One visitor, peering at the Venus de Milo, said ‘Why has that lady got no arms?’

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